ALL IN encompasses the concept of complete totality and yet conceals an enormous void within. This void is akin to that of the universe, where we are surrounded by many things, but all these things are millions of miles away. It is a void closer to that inside a bare warehouse whose walls still remember the smells, shapes and memories of the thousands of objects once stored there; a void that has more in common with a nightclub packed with people on a Saturday night.

ALL IN takes a wild ride through vastly different, seemingly unconnected worlds. These worlds are all incarnations of the tyranny of the crowd that annihilates the individual, from dictatorship to national anthems, education to self-help manuals and love as a marketable commodity. We consider ourselves to be free from indoctrination, but with this freedom comes the choice to participate in other systems of apparently harmless social control.

created by Mònica Almirall, Miquel Segovia, Albert Pérez Hidalgo and Melcior Casals // lighting and stage design  // technician Oscar Palenque // produced by Núria Segovia (Vesc S.L.) and Sarah-Jane Watkinson (Outer Circle Arts) // commissioned by HOME (Manchester) and Festival TNT – Terrassa Noves Tendències/CAET(Barcelona) // supported by Arts Council England, Sala Baratza and Beca CONCA de recerca i creació 2015 // project in residence at CC Navas, Espai Maragall, Casa de las Artes, La Inútil, Sala Hiroshima and Lighthouse Poole

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