The figure of Dmitri Shostakovich and his extensive repertoire are the starting point of CODA. The Russian musician lived through the years of the Great Soviet Terror and had to adapt his art to survive. Despite this, his work hides a false bottom packed with irony. Like a secret code that shows its resistance to Stalinist barbarism. The work starts from these events to create a scenic collage of music, words and movement.

In musical notation the coda is the symbol that indicates the repetition of a certain fragment. This repetition appears in the work as a metaphor for the repetition of certain human behaviors. The repetition of brilliant fragments full of splendor and the repetition of some of the darkest periods of humanity.

created by ATRESBANDES  (Mònica Almirall, Miquel Segovia y Albert Pérez Hidalgo)  // musical composition QUARTET BROSSA & GREGORI FERRER, with the collaboration of  JORDI ALOMAR, inspired by different works from Dmitri Xostakóvitx //  performed by MÒNICA ALMIRALL, MIQUEL SEGOVIA, IMMA LLUCH, ALEIX PUIG, MARÇAL AYATS, PERE BARTOLOMÉ and GREGORI FERRER // lighting and stage design PAU MASALÓ and ÓSCAR PALENQUE, with the collaboration of PIRRA // music advice JORDI ALOMAR // commissioned by AUDITORI DE BARCELONA and FESTIVAL GREC DE BARCELONA supported by GENERALITAT DE CATALUNYA DEPARTAMENT DE CULTURA, GRANER CENTRE DE CREACIÓ, ATRIUM VILADECANS, CENTRE CÍVIC NAVAS and ESPAI MARAGALL GAVÀ. 

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